New Mighty Dwarf

New Mighty Dwarf

New Mighty Dwarf

Audio System to be Launched at CES

Thursday, January 5, 2012 – On the occasion of the Consumer Electronics Show, to be held January 10-13, LAVA Imports Inc. will be revealing a new Mighty Dwarf™ audio system.

“We have some exciting new enhancements to unveil at CES,” says Matt Perry, Director of Sales for LAVA Imports. “We’re also looking forward to showcasing capabilities of our technology with new retail and distribution partners.”

As amazing pieces of technology, speakers have a profound impact on culture, around the globe. LAVA Imports Inc. combines imagination and innovation within a unique, universal audio system called Mighty Dwarf. What we’re trying to do is make sound creative – from virtually anywhere – with freedom of movement.

Named for its compact size and inventive qualities, Mighty Dwarf allows people of all ages to share music or conversation. The unique design harnesses the vibration created in a contact surface to elevate audio to a whole new level. The hard surface platform where a Mighty Dwarf is placed becomes the speaker.

“Our innovation to be released at CES elevates listening to a whole new level,” says Perry. “We invite you to participate in an active demonstration of the latest revolution in resonant technology – that’s bold and beautifully simple.”

LAVA Imports Inc. produces technology that’s creative and relates to people of many varied cultures. With production facilities overseas, the company’s channel includes retailers throughout North America, and distributor partners worldwide.

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Matt Perry

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1-888-467-5450 x 704