Promotional Products with a DIFFERENCE

Promotional Products with a DIFFERENCE

Promotional Products with a DIFFERENCE

Think about Social Media for a moment. Will a pen EVER go viral? How about a pack of  customized golf balls or a logo on a coffee mug? Viral? Really?RockOut_MightyDwarf

Are you responsible for selecting promotional items for your company or organization? Where do you begin? With so many promotional items to choose from how can you select items that will have a lasting impact? That is, after all, the prime objective of your purchase – to make a positive and lasting impact on the recipient of your gift.

Custom promotional items can be a tricky landscape to navigate. Your selection of logo products can either provide a coveted ambassador for your group, or flotsam to be simply  filed away as some more “trinkets and trash”. Quality promotional products may cost more, but in the long run they will deliver greater value and greater impact for your marketing dollar. You do get what you pay for.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”-Steve Jobs

When you are searching for the right gift to represent your brand or event you will need to look at a few key criteria.

1. Will the recipient use the gift? Or will they file it never to be seen again?

2. Is the product unique – will it stand out – will it be shown to others? After all it is the item that is delivering your marketing message  – the more social shares the better!

3. It it quality? Will it represent the highest standards of your brand? Does the item reflect your corporate mission statement and values?

4. Does the item serve a purpose for the recipient and have universal appeal?

5. Price. Is the marketing purchase within budget?

We think that the Mighty Dwarf® Custom Logo Wireless Speaker is one of the best technology gifts.

It has universal appeal. It does not matter if the recipient is old or young, male or female, athletic or arthritic – everyone enjoys their electronic gadgets. This audio speaker can be used with ANY device – past, present or future – that the person owns and uses. There are no WiFi issues. You do not need a Bluetooth enabled device. You simply connect it into the earphone port! Wirelessly, it can also be an MP3 speaker, playing audio files they have downloaded onto a microSD card.

Made from solid anodized aluminum, this speaker will prominently display your message. Your faithfully reproduced, laser etched logo, will emblazon the entire top portion of the speaker. This speaker FEELS like quality. At about a pound, it is a solid, hefty handful.

Using this speaker will go viral! The recipient will be able to turn virtually any solid surface INTO a speaker that delivers powerful, full bodied, sound in all directions – 360° around the speaker! Each surface will make a different sound too. The enjoyment comes from “playing” different objects. The owner will demonstrate this “Mighty Dwarf Effect” over and over to all their friends and associates. The owner of your gift will need to get used to answering the question “Where did you get that!”

Before you opt for a gift card donation that promotes another company’s products or services for that golf tournament – think Mighty Dwarf. Before you buy a bottle of wine during the holidays that will be consumed and forgotten – think Mighty Dwarf. As the marketing guru you are, you will receive the accolades you deserve when you select the Mighty Dwarf to represent your team!

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