How does the Mighty Dwarf ® work?

Sound is vibration. Think of the strings of a guitar. If you were to strum the strings of a guitar without the body of the guitar being there, the sound, if any, would be very quiet. Now if you place the body of the guitar body or box in close proximity to the strumming strings, then the vibration of the strings causes the body of the guitar to vibrate or resonate. This acoustic resonance is what we refer to as guitar music. The same is true of any musical instrument – the resonance of a solid object produces sound.

The Mighty Dwarf  uses the electrical output of your device to produce a powerful, coordinated and sustained vibration. When this vibration is passed into a sound board, say a Frisbee being held in your hand, the Frisbee produces sound!  The sound quality may not be exactly what your ears desire, so you would try another sound board, and another, and another – until the sound is optimized within the environment you occupy and given the sound you are expecting to hear. That is why we say you are truly PLAYING music with a Mighty Dwarf ! You are creating a new musical instrument every time you use it.