Glass Mount

The Mighty Dwarf® Glass Mount is amazingly strong! Similar to a car GPS mount, the Mighty Dwarf Glass Mount is applied to a clean window or other non-porous surface and the slide tightener is moved to create the powerful suction force.

Something you may not realize is that the window will become the membrane for the speaker. This means that you will be able to hear the music both inside the house AND out on the deck!  It also means that innocent bystanders will hear about your messy break up as your car is idling at the intersection, if you have decided to use the Mighty Dwarf and your windshield as the hands free system in your car! It is best to use a surface INSIDE the car for a speakerphone application. But, that being said, the tunes you play WILL be heard by the pedestrians – if that is your intention.

Remember to replace the protective paper on the silicone gel pad on the bottom of the Mighty Dwarf prior to threading it in place on a mount. This paper protects the gel pad from being damaged while in transit or when used with a mounting kit.