Mighty Dwarf 26W

This is the powerhouse of our products! The 26 Watt Mighty Dwarf ® interfaces with the sound source through a standard 3.5mm earphone plug. This connection leads into the powerful 26 Watt external amplifier. The amplified output leads to a standard size 2 inch tall by 2 inch wide Mighty Dwarf ® speaker. When the amplifier is plugged into the wall through a universal power adapter the Mighty Dwarf ® 26 Watt is ready to ROCK! Imagine jamming with your electric guitar using the hardwood floors as the speaker- and all this power packs up into a convenient travel box that would fit into a school lunch box with room to spare!

The Mighty Dwarf ® 26W included 1 external amplifier with power button and volume controls. 18V power adapter for 110V power system (North America)

*This unit does not have a MicroSD card reader or Battery like the 5W version (click here)


Output Power 26W (RMS)
Power Supply AC Adapter (18V/1.5A) 110V
Speaker Size 50mm x 55mm (~2″ x 2.15″)
Impedance 6 ohm
Frequency Range 20Hz- 20KHz
Package Giftbox
Weight 420g Speaker / 825g Total Package