Mobile Power

The Mighty Dwarf® Mobile Power 6000 provides a portable, powerful, convenient power source for a wide variety of portable electronic devices. This Mobile Power unit allows the tech savvy traveler to eliminate their down time by keeping them away from the power socket waiting for a charge. Powerful enough for an iPad and able to keep a Mighty Dwarf going in a single bound!

For the ultimate in convenience, the Mighty Dwarf® Mobile Power 6000  allows the connected traveler to forget the need to recharge. Ideal for emergencies, the fast portable recharge will allow the person to remain on site and in communication. The unique dual USB ports enables the user to charge and operate two devices at the same time. A variety of popular interfaces are included to allow a friend with a different device to share your power. This makes an ideal gift for the tech savvy traveler or outdoor enthusiast.

The Mobile Power has two separate USB ports delivering either a 5V 1A current or a 5V 2A current and the fully charged unit is rated at delivering an outstanding 6000 mAh of power. This means for example that an iPad could run an additional 3.5 hours without needing a wall charge or a Smartphone could operate up to 30 extra hours away from it’s usual charger.

Great for technology on the go, the Mobile Power 6000 is compatible with both the BlueII – Bluetooth speaker and the 5 Watt Mighty Dwarf speaker. It can push the party tunes out an amazing 40 additional hours.