Porous Surface Mount

The porous surface mount is ideal for attaching the Mighty Dwarf® to a vertical porous surface. What is a porous surface? Any surface with a texture that would not allow the secure application of a suction cup is a porous surface – think of wood, dry wall, painted surfaces, and other types of wall board. This accessory can also be used to attach the Mighty Dwarf under a surface in order to hide the unit or maximize the surface area of a desk or table.

The application is easy. Find the “sweet spot” on the surface. The “sweet spot” is the point where the active Mighty Dwarf sounds the best. One person sits on the couch or stands in the area where the typical listener would be positioned and another person holds the active Mighty Dwarf to the surface. Once the “sweet spot” is located mark it with a small dab of construction silicon sealer. Next, place the porous surface mount’s smooth flat side on the sealer and press firmly into the surface with your thumb. Next, carefully screw in the three screws being careful not to over tighten – the head of the screw should not protrude from the smooth surface of the interior of the mount. Lastly, you can now replace the protective paper on the silicon pad of the Mighty Dwarf and carefully thread the percussive head of the speaker into the threading of the porous surface mount. You are now in business!