Replacement Gel Pads

Mighty Dwarf® Gel pads are available online and through select retailers. If your closest retailer does not carry them remind them that they can order them at any time. The gel pads are maintained by dipping a thumb in clean water and wiping the surface to remove debris. The wet surface should then be wiped with a clean lint free cloth. Once cleaned, the gel pad that is installed on the bottom of the Mighty Dwarf should be “tacky” to the touch.

If the gel pad becomes damaged, it will still be functional. It will however bug you, like a scratch on the screen of your new cell phone. Don’t worry! The gel pads are easily replaced simply by removing the old pad, rubbing the surface with your thumb to remove any residual adhesive and replacing the pad with a new gel pad.

Remember there are two sides to a new gel pad. The side of the pad with the adhesive has a 3M logo, and this is the side that gets stuck to the surface of the Mighty Dwarf.