USB Home Charger

The Mighty Dwarf® Home Charger is the ideal accessory for the person on the go! This unit allows you to charge the Mighty Dwarf while you are away from your computer or laptop. The charger is simply inserted into the standard North American wall plug and the charging cable of the Mighty Dwarf (the standard size male USB connector) is inserted into the bottom of the Home Charger unit. When operational, there is a green LED indication on the Home Charger Unit.

The Home Charger will automatically adjust to the voltages available in other countries – anywhere from 100 to 240 volts. The output when plugged in is a consistent 5 volts at 1000mA. This is the IDEAL set up for charging, as well as operating, a Mighty Dwarf. You can use the Mighty Dwarf speaker while it is charging!