Beware of Unauthorized Sellers and Fakes

As with any successful consumer product, Mighty Dwarf® Speakers has been victimized by the scoundrel of the 21 Century – The Pirate. This is not the Swashbuckler of Disney fame but an unscrupulous “businessman” that preys upon you – the consumer – and sells you an unsupported product as if it were the real thing.

This section of our website is meant to enlighten you as to how to identify whether you are getting a AUTHENTIC MIGHTY DWARF® or simply a Dwarf…or worse. To avoid getting stuck with an iPOOOD please take the time to review the quick methods of identifying the real vendor from the fakes…

We want you to get the real deal! We want to provide you with all the support you deserve and are entitled to from our website. If you are at all suspect please contact us through our support channels on this website for authenticating your retailer or reseller BEFORE you give them your money.

Only purchases from authorized Mighty Dwarf® dealers include the full Mighty Dwarf® support and warranty for our speakers and accessories. If you’re not buying from an authorized dealer you are not covered by our warranty or customer support! And many unauthorized dealers sell fake Mighty Dwarf® products! These fake speakers do not meet our standards for sound, quality, and performance and may easily break causing damage!

Avoid Unauthorized Sellers such as the ones on these sites. (Beware, not all sites are listed!)

  • Mighty Dwarfs USA (Not related to our company at all)
  • – BrainyDeal
  • TTE Products
  • QVC /
  • HeadPhoneStopShop
  • Tier One USA
  • (They are even using our logo)
  • We do NOT sell over the internet from China or Hong Kong.

For Authorized Dealers review our online Store Locator,

Beware of fake sites trying to fool you as well. Some eBay and Amazon sellers are unauthorized and likely are selling products not supported by us. Do not buy any Mighty Dwarf products on the Internet unless you’re buying from an Authorized Internet Dealer. Don’t be fooled. Many Internet sellers will say they are authorized dealers, but they are not. Always check with our official list on our site.

We are constantly working on improving our security measures to help the customer identify the authentic Mighty Dwarf® Brand associated with our website and FaceBook

Examples of Unauthorized Mighty Dwarf® Products:


No “Mighty” or on the top.

Authorized Mighty Dwarf® –

You can see our Mighty Dwarf Logo and our website.