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Mighty Dwarf 5W – MicroSD:

Where can I get more speakers?

You can always order speakers and parts for the speakers from our online shopping site. We also have an extensive distributor network across North America that is available to service your needs. Please contact review our Where To Buy section of our site for further information.

How does the sound quality and volume of the 26w compare to the 5w?

The 26W Mighty Dwarf has a higher top volume and wider frequency range but does not have a MicroSD reader or a battery. The 5W Mighty Dwarf is much more portable and also has great sound. It all depends on your application. The 26W needs to stay close to a power outlet.

how do I use the glass mount or wood mount correctly?

The actual mount is easy to use. You need to make sure that the sticky gel pad is protected with the paper sticker prior to screwing the Mighty Dwarf™ in place.

Do not cross thread (strip) or over tighten the speaker into the mount.
More information: http://youtu.be/dgUcIYLb2oo

Is there usually an MicroSD card included with the 5W Mighty Dwarf speaker?

No. The 5W Mighty Dwarf has a built in MicroSD card reader (Storage Device) but the actual card is purchased separately by the user.

Can the sticky pad be replaced on the Mighty Dwarf and if so, where do I get them?

Yes. The gel pad on the 26 w and 5 w Mighty Dwarf speaker can be replaced when they become worn or damaged. They can be ordered online from our official online store or check with your local retailer where you purchased the unit.

Do you remove the paper prior to operating a Mighty Dwarf speaker on a flat surface like a table?

Yes. The paper is removed (please keep) in order to allow the speaker to temporarily adhere to the surface that you intend to “play” music on. Please ensure that the flat surface is reasonable clean and free from loose debris that will stick to the pad on the Mighty Dwarf. Replace the paper when not in use to keep the gel pad protected.

How to copy Music Files to the MicroSD Card?

1.  Insert your MicroSD card into the adapter to convert it into a standard SD card. After doing this, place the converted MicroSD card into the SD card slot of your computer. If there’s no SD card slot located on your computer system, there are various external card readers that can be purchased separately. These card readers can be connected to your computer system via a USB cable.

2. Browse through any files that are stored on the MicroSD card. In order to free up some storage space, delete any unnecessary files that are currently on the MicroSD card.

3. Locate the folder with the music files on your computer that you’d like to copy to the MicroSD card. When choosing these music files, make sure that they are not copy protected. Music files that have this restriction on them are also known as DRM or Digital Rights Management music. There are a few music services that place restrictions on the songs that are sold to individuals. You’ll be prevented from playing these music files on more than one device or even copied. Also the only format that can be played on the Mighty Dwarf™ Speaker is MP3. If the format of the files on your computer are anything but MP3, is will be necessary to convert them to MP3 format prior to copying them onto the MicroSD. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure please Google “how do I convert files to MP3” for directions.

4. Select one or multiple music files to become part of the copy process. Once you’ve highlighted the desired music files, hold down your computer mouse and drag them to the MicroSD card. Depending on the number of files you’ve chosen, your music will be copied to the MicroSD card within a matter of minutes or seconds.

5. Eject the MicroSD card from your computer system and remove it from the MicroSD card adapter. Place the MicroSD card into the MicroSD (TF) card reader of the Mighty Dwarf Speaker (gold part facing up). Turn the switch on the speaker to MicroSD and the songs you have downloaded and copied will begin to play.

6. The control on the Mighty Dwarf Speaker used to adjust the volume is called the “wheel”. Remember to adjust the volume while using the MicroSD card MOVE AND HOLD the “wheel” in the desired direction. To change songs FLICK the “wheel” in the desired direction. To pause the music PRESS the “wheel” in the center.

Can I download music from a laptop to the microSD directly with the cable?

No. The standard USB connection to the computer or laptops is for recharging the speaker only. There is no data transfer from the computer to the speaker through the standard USB connection. The only audio input from the device to the speaker is by plugging in the earphone jack.

What songs can I play using my MicroSD card reader on the 5W Mighty Dwarf Speaker?

The MicroSD card must have MP3 format songs (files) located in the root directory. Encrypted MP4s (iTunes downloads) will not play directly on the Mighty Dwarf through the MicroSD card reader. These files must be converted to MP3 format before they can be played on the Mighty Dwarf 5W speaker.

Can I transfer sound files directly from my computer using the cable and the USB connections?

No. The files are transferred by inserting the MicroSD card into the appropriate computer slot and transferring the MP3 files from the Music directory on your computer, onto the MicroSD card.
The USB connection only charges the lithium-ion battery or powers the Mighty Dwarf and does no transfer files.

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